10 Credit Unions Awarded Scholarships to Attend the 2022 Inclusiv Conference

10 Credit Unions Awarded Scholarships to Attend the 2022 Inclusiv Conference

Cathie Mahon, Inclusiv Pres/CEO,
with Cliff Rosenthal, former Inclusiv Pres/CEO

Inclusiv is pleased to announce that 10 credit unions with assets of $25 million or less are recipients of a scholarship to attend the 2022 Inclusiv Annual Conference. The scholarship awardees include seven CDCUs from the mainland and three cooperativas from Puerto Rico.

This year, through a generous donation from Cliff Rosenthal, former President and CEO of Inclusiv, we are also able to provide an additional grant for small CDCUs. The grant will cover partial cost of travel and lodging to attend the 2022 Inclusiv Conference in San Juan Puerto Rico.

"I continue to be inspired by small credit unions, whose achievements often go unrecognized. Their resilience, dedication to service, and commitment to learning and growth represent the best traditions of the credit union movement."
-Cliff Rosthethal

Valerie Harrison, former Faith-based
Program Officer, Inclusiv

A scholarship for a faith-based credit union is being named to honor the memory of Valerie Harrison, former Faith-Based Program Officer of Inclusiv. Valerie worked with Inclusiv for almost 15 years. She was a valued member of the Inclusiv family and her passing in January 2022 was a shock. To honor her memory and the extraordinary work that she did with our faith-based credit unions, Inclusiv has named an annual conference scholarship in her honor. Each year, this scholarship will cover the registration fees for a faith-based credit union to attend the conference.

Aligned with our mission of financial inclusion, Inclusiv supports the opportunity for all members -- big or small to join us in San Juan Puerto Rico. The 10 select credit unions and cooperativas will enjoy the opportunity to join policymakers, researchers, and practitioners in the largest gathering of credit unions with a mission of community development and financial inclusion in the nation.

For questions about scholarships, please contact Pamela Owens, SVP Organizational Development and Capacity Building, at powens@inclusiv.org.

Click here to learn more about the 2022 Inclusiv Conference, May 2-4 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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