Photos: Onsite at the Inclusiv

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By David Morrison May 15, 2014

DETROIT – The Inclusiv opened its 40th annual conference here Wednesday, welcoming about 300 attendees. Here are some photos from day one. All photos are courtesy of David Watkins, Oxygen Photography.

Deyanira Del Rio








Deyanira Del Rio, chairman of Inclusiv board, welcomes attendees during the event's opening session.

lunch session pic








Two attendees mug for the camera during a lunch session.









Cathie Mahon (right), Inclusiv CEO, discusses a quantitative study of low income household finances with Jonathan Morduch (right), professor of Public Policy and Economics at New York University.

rita haynes








Rita Haynes, CEO Emeritus of the Faith United Community Credit Union of Cleveland, responds to Morduch's study on low-income households.

hank hubbard








Hank Hubbard (left), CEO of Communicating Arts Credit Union and a CU Times Trailblazer Award Winner in 2010, welcomes attendees. CACU was the hosting credit union for this year's conference.




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