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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Welcome and Opening General Session

The Double Bottom Line
Patrick Adams (presentation), Tishaura O. Jones, Reverend Starsky Wilson

Morning Breakout Sessions

Data Analytics for Impact and Performance (presentation)
Paul Ablack, Ann Legg

Maximizing Mortgage Production
Jack Baker (presentation), Sandra Heidinger (presentation), Freda Reynolds (presentation)

Optimizing Your Use of Social Media
Cameron Madill (presentation), David Ludwig, Renee Miller (presentation)

Afternoon Breakout Sessions

Targeting America’s Biggest Market: The Lending Needs of Millennials
David Lockhart (presentation)

Meeting the Evolving Demand for Online and Mobile Banking (presentation)
Tim Erwin, Emily Koehler, Blake Myers

Managing Risk
D. Scott Neat (presentation)

General Session

Insights into the Financial Health of Low-Income Consumers and Opportunities for Future Investment
Ray Boshara (presentation) , Terri Friedline (presentation), David Stiffler (presentation), Paul Woodruff (moderator)

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Morning Workshops

A Closer Look at Financial Coaching Models Workshop (presentation)
Shasta Leininger, Sheilah Montgomery, Diane Sandoval, Christopher Starr

Small Credit Unions with Big Impact Workshop: Strategies for Small Credit Union Growth and Sustainability
Carl J. Banks (presentation), Deborah Boatright (presentation), Andrea Lally (presentation)

Measuring Impact Workshop (presentation)
Terry Ratigan, Ed Sivak

Juntos Avanzamos Workshop (presentation)
Alejandra Seluja, Cameron Madill, Purvi Patel, Jack Baker (presentation)

Using Secondary Capital to Drive Financial and Community Impact Workshop
Bob Hoel, Steve Pagenstecher (presentation), Barbara Stephens, Cathi Kim (presentation), Eben Sheaffer (presentation)

General Session

Credit Union Collaborations
Kirk Kordeleski (presentation)

Afternoon Breakout Sessions

The Paperless Future: New Opportunities for Shared and Secured Cards
Naomi Anderson (presentation), James Gukiessen (presentation), Steve Zuckerman (presentation)

Automated Lending for Small Dollar and Short-Term Loans
Ben Morales (presentation), Yvonne Sambrano (presentation)

Building Youth Financial Assets and Capability (presentation)
Monica Copeland, I-Hsing Sun, Laura Woods

General Session

What’s Next for the CDFI Fund and CDFI Certified Credit Unions
Annie Donovan

Afternoon Breakout Sessions

Doing Well by Doing Good: The CDFI Business Model and Successful Business Planning
Terry Ratigan (presentation), Cathi Kim (presentation)

Partnerships and Collaboration
Laura Aguirre (presentation), Richard Witherspoon

Thursday, September 14, 2017

General Session

Helping Members Face the Challenges of Accumulating Assets
Michael Sherraden (presentation)

General Session

Advocacy Bootcamp
Sheilah Montgomery, Adolphus Pruitt, Renee Sattiewhite (presentation), Ed Sivak, Clarissa Ritter (presentation | CDFI Funding Campaign), Paul Woodruff

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