Richard Romero

Richard Romero, CEO, Seattle CU (Seattle, WA) - Region 4

As the leader of one of the oldest credit unions in Seattle, Richard Romero has placed a focus on leading an organization that focuses on making sure EVERYONE prospers and not just those with easy access to financial services. Over recent years, he has led his organization into areas that focus on populations that are mostly ignored by financial institutions by becoming a CDFI, LDI and Juntos Avanzamos Credit Union.  Additionally, Seattle Credit Union has led the way in creating products such as Citizenship Loans, ITIN Real Estate Loans and ITIN auto and personal loans, as well as low down payment loans that assist home buyers in affording housing.

In his six years on the Board of Directors at Inclusiv, he has been able to lend his experience and passion to ensure that Community Development Credit Unions have the resources to serve underserved communities.

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