Karen Casler

Karen Casler
Manager of Compliance and Product Development, CASE Credit Union

Karen Casler holds the position of Manager of Compliance and Product Development at CASE Credit Union, Lansing. Other responsibilities include Community Development Manager and BSA Compliance Officer.

In 2012 she obstained designations CASE Credit Union for Low Income Credit Union, Community Development Credit Union and the Community Development Financial Institution.

Her passion of serving her community through outreach to provide financial resources for our low-to-moderate income members has proven to be successful. Various leaders in the greater Lansing area have requested Karen to be involved in creating and rolling out new initiatives in the community. Products developed specifically for the low-income community include Save to Win, Free Financial Counseling and Education, CASE Cash alternative payday loan, Borrow & Save loan, Secured VISA, Load N Go reloadable debit card, and Responsible Rides - auto loans for older, high-mileage autos.

Karen currently holds the following professional designations at CASE Credit Union: Credit Union Compliance Expert, BSA Compliance Officer, Certified Credit Union Financial Counselor and CUES Certified Business Lender. Other leadership positions include Vice President of Lending, Commercial Business Lender, Branch and Call Center Manager.

Ms. Casler works closely with the City of Lansing Financial Empowerment Center (FEC) in the Bank-On-Mid-Michigan program, which focuses on marginalized individuals who are unbanked or under-banked. The partnership provides Parolees and Probationers access to accounts where they are, educating and assisting them to become financially secure. As an FEC partner we participate in the Show Me the Money Day annually providing seminars, opening accounts and connecting to other resources in the community.

Karen is a  successful grant writer for the Credit Union and CASE Cares;  since 2008 she has written many grants and received funding for more than 80%. Karen is the Board Secretary of Case Cares, a 501(c)(3). Her grand funding efforts assisted in the build of the CASE Cares Miracle League Ballfield for youth with physical and cognitive challenges.


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