Linda Levy

Linda Levy
CEO, Lower East Side People’s Federal Credit Union

Linda Levy, CEO, Lower East Side People’s FCU (LESPFCU), has been involved in the credit union movement, and specifically the Lower East Side People’s FCU since 1986.  Ms. Levy held the position of Manager from the inception of the credit union up until 1991.  She then worked as the Organizing Specialist for the Inclusiv for several years while continuing to serve on the Board of Directors of LESPFCU.  While at Inclusiv, she co-authored, with Cliff Rosenthal, the CDCU Organizing Manual. In September 2005 she returned to fill the position of CEO; following the purchase and assumption of Homesteaders FInclusiv/Networky LESPFCU.

Ms. Levy received her B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania and completed graduate work at the University of Chicago.  She resided, with her family, in London, England from 1999-2002 and has traveled extensively in South Asia and Latin America. She lives in New York City.

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