Sophie Karet

Sophie Karet
Board Member, Northeast Community Federal Credit Union 

Sophie Karet is a Board Member at the Northeast Community Federal Credit Union. She currently works as the CEO/Founder at the Cambodian International Investment Group. Sophie has been a Researcher/Scholar on empowering women leadership in higher education. She cofounded a refugee resettlement organization and lobbied Congress to fund the program in California being the safety-net to Indo-China & Eastern Europe Russian refugees. From 1984 to 1991, Sophie was appointed by the California Governor to serve on the State Advisory Council on Refugee Assistance and Services.

She is also an advocate for civil and human rights for women on gender equality, higher education, transparency of government, child labor laws, human trafficking, health care, and democratic empowerment of Khmer people to build a stronger community and vibrant society to lead global awareness on good governance. She is fluent in Khmer, English, and moderate in French.

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