Tommy Cobb

Tommy Cobb
CEO, Tuscaloosa Credit Union

Tommy is from Livingston, Alabama and is a graduate of the University of West Alabama (Formerly Livingston University). In August of 1979 after graduation, he moved to Tuscaloosa and began his career as assistant manager at a local finance company. His banking and finance career path took him to BF Goodrich Credit Union (now Alabama One), Alabama Federal S&L and Regions Bank.

In February 1991, he was offered and accepted the position of CEO of Tuscaloosa CU. The credit union had just moved from their office in the Federal Building (a true SEG location) to a new location in Downtown Tuscaloosa. At the time, the staff totaled 5 - including him!

Being a part of many lives over 25 years and being involved in all major financial life events such as helping members buy their first car, financing additions to home and helping families of deceased member adapt to life changes, are Tommy’s greatest joys in working in the industry.

In addition to seeing the typical member profile change over the years, he has enjoyed seeing the changes and keeping up with the new business model of the credit union. Keeping Tuscaloosa Credit Union (and credit unions as a whole) competitive in a digital world and worldwide marketplace while holding fast to their foundation of helping people is his passion for doing business.

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