2018-2019 Committees

2018-2019 Board Committees

Executive Committee

As per Article IV of Inclusiv’s By-Laws, the Board Executive Committee is comprised of the 5 following officers; President, Vice President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary and Corresponding Secretary, who are elected annually by the Board of Directors to each serve one year terms. Together the Executive Committee functions as the nucleus for the Board in its capacity as the primary governing body empowered to represent the Board, management and membership of the organization. The EC is a standing committee with decision-making authority that meets on a monthly basis.

  • Chair:  Jack Lawson
  • Vice-Chair: Carla Decker

  • Treasurer: Brenda Dominguez
  • Recording Secretary:  Sheilah Montgomery

  • Corresponding Secretary:  Cheryl Fatnassi

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is a standing committee chaired by the Board Treasurer with decision-making authority also required to meet monthly. The Finance Committee is responsible for providing direction on the development of the organization’s budget in alignment with the strategic goals and agreed upon focus areas.  The Finance Committee reviews month-end financial statements to assess the organization’s performance with relation to budget, where changes in financial performance may impact the future, and to identify and monitor areas of potential risk.

  • Brenda Dominguez (Chair)

  • Paul Phillips

  • Rick Williams

Audit Committee

The Audit committee is a standing committee with decision-making authority that meets as required, whose primary role is that of oversight over the Fiscal operations, ensuring corporate compliance according to both NYS and the District of Columbia. This committee reviews the bidding process and determines the engagement of the organization’s independent auditors.

  • Richard Romero

  • Mignhon Tourne

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee is a standing committee with decision-making authority to provide oversight regarding all aspects of corporate, Board and organizational governance including policies and related procedures. Governance is responsible for the development/guidance including but not limited to Board nominations, elections, dommittee selection, Board leadership criteria and development, and corporate compliance. This committee meets at a minimum quarterly.

  • Paul Grinde (Chair)
  • Mignhon Tourne

  • Richard Romero

  • Permelia Murphy

Small Credit Union Committee

The Small Credit Union Committee is an advisory committee that meets quarterly to provide guidance on how Inclusiv can best meet the needs of small credit union members through its capital, technical assistance and programmatic support. The Committee also supports the staff on how to better recruit and engage small credit unions into its membership.

  • Sheilah Montgomery (Chair)
  • Sanetta Geoge Jackson

  • JennyLee Rivera
  • Armando Martinez

  • Pam Murphy

Technology Committee

Inclusiv Technology Committee is an advisory committee that meets quarterly to discuss the technological support needs of credit union members. This committee provides guidance and support on large initiatives such as CU Impact, Inclusiv’s core banking solution for CDCUs, as well as other ways Inclusiv can be exploring, developing and/or partnering to expand scale and impact of credit unions through tech solutions.

  • Cheryl Fatnassi
  • Mignhon Tourne

  • Linda Levy
  • Luis Peralta

  • Carol Minges

Government Affairs Committee

The Government Affairs Committee is an advisory committee that incorporates board and non-board members to help Inclusiv CEO craft policy and advocacy positions that further the mission of helping low- and moderate-income people through credit unions. The committee works to develop and exercise the unique voice of Inclusiv, representing not only the credit unions that make up Inclusiv membership, but the member/owners in the communities we serve.

  • Jack Lawson (Chair)
  • Carla Decker
  • Linda Levy

  • Randy Chambers
  • Ed Sivak

  • Armando Martinez
  • Paul Woodruff

The Mortgage Advisory Committee

The Mortgage Advisory Committee is an advisory committee that meets on a quarterly basis to provide guidance and provide particular mortgage expertise to help shape and strengthen Inclusiv’s CDCU Mortgage Center. This is not a decision-making body and therefore there is no conflict in a Committee member being a representative of a CDCU that is participating in the CDCU Mortgage Center.

  • Cheryl Fatnassi (Chair)

  • Richard Garcia

  • Paul Phillips

Development/Annual Conference

This is a newly formed advisory committee that will meet on an as-needed basis to provide support, guidance and input to the CEO on fundraising and resource development opportunities. Given that the Annual Conference provides an ideal opportunity to build relationships with funders and sponsors, this Committee will serve as a planning committee to coordinate appeals for sponsors and exhibitors and also work with staff to put together a top-notch event.

  • Paul Woodruff (Chair)

  • Carol Wight

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