Dr. Joronda Crawford

Dr. Joronda Crawford
Board Member/Supervisory Secretary
Israel Methcomm FCU (Chicago, IL)

Dr. Joronda Crawford is a board member and the secretary of the supervisory committee for Israel Methcomm FCU. She is also the president of the Faith Based Credit Union Alliance in Chicago.

She has been extremely busy since her retirement of 33 years as an educator, which included being a teacher and principal. In the community and beyond, she and her husband Dr. Hiram Crawford have volunteered and taught classes on money management at a local high school.  They teach a weekly computer course at Pacific Garden Mission, a homeless mission that was founded in 1877.

In September of 2010, Drs. Hiram and Joronda Crawford, with others, co-founded The Faith Based Credit Union Alliance, an organization that brings together 18 credit unions for support, networking, and training. Since its inception, they have assured that all of the credit unions have the NCUA low-income designation and gotten three credit unions through the traditional CDFI certification process, with an additional two going through the streamline process and another two joining their ranks. They started an internship with a local college, brought in trainers to enhance credit unions, and initiated a collaborative core processor with ten of the credit unions, as well as a collaborative digital marketing campaign with 11 of the credit unions. They have written templates for grants so that all credit unions could be funded. Their most recent initiative was to help 6 credit unions through the CDFI NCUA streamline process. They currently had 7 CDFIs, with a potential of 12.

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