Jean Carlos Rosario Mercado

Jean Carlos Rosario Mercado
Program Associate, Inclusiv Network

Jean Carlos Rosario Mercado works as a Program Associate at Inclusiv Network. In this role, Jean supports multiple departments by providing comprehensive administrative and programmatic support to ensure the smooth operation and coordination of various programs and initiatives across different departments within the Inclusiv Network.

Jean has over five years of leadership experience in dynamic and challenging settings. He contributed to operational efficiency and profitability growth by implementing business strategies and protocols and steering innovative projects with double-digit improvements.

Jean has extensive experience with the cooperative movement.

In 2014, he launched the first workers and consumers cooperative at the University of Puerto Rico, which was initiated and managed by students. He presided over the first Board of Directors and supervised ten associates. He established the foundational structure and principles to ensure alignment with both cooperative standards and the unique needs of the academic community. He generated proposals and plans to participate in a business development incubator.

In 2018, Jean worked as a Project Manager at Fondo de Inversión y Desarrollo Cooperativo. He directed business development efforts in an entity dedicated to establishing and growing regional cooperatives by providing financial and consulting services. The entity offers loans and tailored financial products and delivers training, technical assistance, and guidance to support growth and sustainability.

In 2020, Jean worked as the CEO of Cooperativa Agro-Comercial de Puerto Rico. He led operational, administrative, financial, and compliance aspects for a coffee distribution company and land and property owners.

In 2021, Jean extended his experience and started working as a Digital Product Manager with a tech startup. He managed multiple digital projects, including e-commerce platforms, web development, online campaigns, and others for a diversified organization across healthcare, automobile, and government institutions.

Jean holds a BA in Labor Relations from the University of Puerto Rico and a master's in art in Labor Studies from The City University of New York.

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