Jesse Gerstin

Jesse Gerstin
Vice President, Center for Resiliency and Clean Energy

Jesse is dedicated to promoting values-driven financial decisions and empowering community solutions, bringing over 15 years of experience on community climate and clean energy projects. Prior to joining Inclusiv, Jesse led programs to expand access to renewable energy for underserved communities in the Caribbean, sub-Saharan Africa, and SE Asia, both at the Clinton Climate Initiative and subsequently SimpliPhi Power.

Earlier in his career, Jesse worked on community ownership models for forest and marine conservation, largely in Indonesia and other island nations.

Outside of Inclusiv, Jesse serves as a sustainable investment advisor at Query Capital, teaches courses on impact finance, and is an active angel investor focused on social entrepreneurship.

Jesse earned degrees in international development from Oberlin College, environmental economics from the University of London, and an MBA in Sustainability from Bard College.

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