Inclusiv Conference 50: Immersion Activities: Workshops

Inclusiv Conference 50


These activities require separate registrations.

3:30pm -5:45pm

Designed for Community Development Credit Unions (CDCUs) that are either seeking to launch a new financial coaching program or strengthen an existing program.

Workshop participants will learn about best practices in financial coaching program design, resource requirements and program implementation strategies.

Participants will leave the workshop with key strategies they can employ to advance financial empowerment through programming such as financial coaching.

Please note that this session is intended only for CDCUs.

3:30pm -5:45pm

Inclusiv is thrilled to be selected for a $1.87 billion Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund Clean Communities Investment Accelerator (CCIA) grant. CCIA will be transformational, providing CDCUs with grant dollars to offer green loans for energy efficiency, home appliances, solar, and electric vehicles. Green loans expand membership, diversify loan portfolios, and reduce disproportionately high energy cost burden in CDCU communities. Inclusiv, in partnership with the University of New Hampshire, has trained hundreds of CDCUs in how to develop green loan products. Join us to learn about green loans and how your credit union and members could benefit from Inclusiv’s CCIA program.

3:30pm -5:45pm

This workshop welcomes CDFI-certified credit unions and credit unions interested in seeking CDFI certification to discuss the CDFI Fund’s updated certification standards.

We will break down the new standards and the reporting obligations associated with annual certification reporting and draw out ideas on how to approach them as credit unions committed to community development and financial inclusion.

This will be a golden opportunity to share ideas, best practices, and innovative solutions with leading CDFI practitioners.

3:30pm -5:45pm

Serving immigrant communities isn’t just about a product…it’s about building your credit union’s capacity to meet the needs of the community. It takes intentionality to identify and remove internal barriers that make it hard for immigrants to access products and services, to create a welcoming environment where newcomers feel safe and embraced, and to build lasting relationships with immigrant communities to gain their trust.

Participants will learn best practices for crafting inclusive MIP policies, enhancing underwriting guidelines to serve immigrant communities more effectively, and connect with partners like Consulates and international credit unions that can expand your reach in immigrant communities.

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