Workshop and Plenary Schedule

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Plenary Schedule

June 7, 2013

Credit Union Industry: Debbie Matz, Chairman, National Credit Union Administration
Home Ownership: Sarah Gerecke, Deputy Assistant Secretary, US Dept of Housing and Urban Development
Building Financial Security for Seniors: James Firman, President/CEO, National Council on Aging

Workshop Presentations

June 6, 2013

Innovation Track

A1) Innovation in Employer-Based Financial Initiatives

A2) Consumer Behavior: What Motivates Your Members

Program Development Track

B1) Partnerships for Success: Networks that Build Small Credit Unions

B2) 8 Great Financial Services to Increase Member’s Financial Security

Compliance/Technology Track

C1) Inside the National Credit Union Administration

C2) Strategies to Growth: Technology Advancement and Shared Platforms to Meet Cooperative Banking Needs

June 7, 2013

Innovation Track

A3) Small Dollar Loans: Impactful and Sustainable Solutions

A4) Expanding the Reach of Your Credit Union Through Strategic Partnerships

Program Development Track

B3) Reaching Out to Untapped Markets

B4) Securing the Future: Acclimating Kids, Youth and Young Adults to the Credit Union Movement

Compliance Track

C3) Anticipating an Preparing for Your Next Exam

C4) Meeting the Challenge of Regulatory Compliance

Leveraging Resources Track

D4) Resources to Support Credit Unions

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