Presentations -- 2019 Inclusiv Conference

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* denotes speaker(s) did not use a presentation or presentation is unavailable


General Sessions

Immigrants: Driving Economic Growth for Local Communities and the Nation*
Bob Annibale, Marcela Celorio, Joe Duran, Linda Lopez, Manuel Pastor, Cathie Mahon

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: The Credit Union Industry's 8th Cooperative Principle*
Monica Davy, Carla Decker, Pam Owens, Angela Russell, Samira Salem, Maurice Smith

Morning Breakout Sessions

Building Wealth and Achieving Stability Through Homeownership
Daniel Garcia-Velez (presentation), Thomas Settino (presentation)

Using Technology to Engage a Younger Consumer
Carlos Garcia, Noelle Hylton (presentation), Fernanda Martinez (presentation)

Helping Members Save: Workshop with Common Cents Lab on Tools to Increase Savings
Mariel Beasley (presentation)

Buffet Lunch

Presentation from MyPath Youth Counselors
Alexis Moore (supporting materials), Amadeos Oyagata (supporting materials)

Afternoon Workshops

Understanding the Product Development Life Cycle*
Kimberley Parsons, Heather Powell 

Reaching Rural Communities
John Bissell (presentation), Kathy Deloney, Joe Schroeder, Ed Sivak (presentation)

Sharpen Your Digital Strategy: Digital Trends Shaping the Financial Sector + Going Digital – a Credit Union Case Study
Susie Brins and Stef Luck (presentation), John Haslam (presentation), Teresa Manning (presentation)



Special Sessions

Business Meeting
Pablo DeFilippi (presentation)

CDFIs: Conduits for Scaling Impact*
Adrian Franco

CDFI Fund Update with New Fund Director Jodie Harris*
Jodie Harris

Annie Vamper Helping Hands Award Luncheon*
Maurice Smith
Sponsored by CUNA Mutual Group

Morning Breakout Sessions

Combating Payday Lending: Policy and Practice
James Hunter, Lucia Mattox (presentation), Winona Nava (presentation), Dawnnesha Smith (presentation)

Strengthening Micro and Small Business in Latino Communities
Martin Guerrero, Rob Meloche (presentation)

The CDFI Fund and You: Continuing the Conversation
Amber Kuchar-Bell (supporting materials), Terry Ratigan

General Session

Bridging the Wealth Gap: Platforms and Tools from Mission-Driven Fintech Innovators
David Derryck (presentation), Margaret Libby (presentation), Cathie Mahon, Sarah Sable (presentation)

Afternoon Workshops

Opportunities to Scale Up Community Development Efforts and Impact in Financially Underserved Areas*
Aurelio Arroyo, Blake Jones, Jack Lawson, Rob Miller, Richard Romero

Methodology for Small Credit Union Sustainability and Growth: Lessons from the Field*
Deborah Boatright, Gregg Brown,  Andrea Lally, Gloria McClendon, Sheilah Montgomery, Greg Perryman

Creating New Opportunities with the Juntos Avanzamos Framework
Jim Coronado (presentation), Adam Lee (presentation), Erin O’Hern (presentation)


Pathways Bootcamp (presentation)

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