Gregg Stockdale

Gregg Stockdale

Gregg. D. Stockdale received his BS from Central Michigan University in Management/Economics and his MBA from Central Michigan University. Gregg fell in love with credit unions because of his position as an Examiner for the NCUA. Since then, he has worked in credit unions of all sizes and in most all positions. He has a well-rounded grasp of the inner-workings of credit unions and the interrelationships of how the core products drive the bottom line.

Gregg fully understands and supports the philosophy and difference credit unions make in the lives of the members they serve. He is a consumer advocate as well as a promoter of personal responsibility. Gregg believes consumers must be given a fair chance to make informed and educated decisions based upon a full and fair disclosure of the relevant facts.

He was the President and CEO of 1st Valley Credit Union from 1999 to 2015. 1st Valley CU is a LICU/ CDCU/ CDFI, which serves the residents of San Bernardino County. 1st Valley CU offers a full range of services while trying to find unique programs to enhance member’s wellbeing. Prior significant position was as the President and CEO of Master Printers Section Credit Union for 14 years, which is now known as Printing Industries CU. He  also recently finished serving two years on the Credit Union Advisory Council of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Areas of expertise include significant skills in all aspects of ALM, loan programs, lending techniques, and investments. Because of his many years of experience as a CEO, Gregg has the insights and background to be an effective leader of strategic planning sessions. He is a firm believer in the continuation of the credit union model, and is working hard to help credit unions not take the merger option. He restarted GS CU Consulting for the explicit purpose of helping credit unions survive individually. He also is a firm believer in collaborative efforts between credit unions.

Outcomes Gregg has achieved include:

ALM: Earning almost twice the return on Investments as the peer group, which resulted in his salary being earned twice on just the overage of the income received above the peers.

LENDING: Initiated step-up loan products which met the regulator’s demand for variable rates and simultaneously met the members demand for stability of rates. Introduced a pay-day alternative program and continually morphed the program to bring members into main-stream lending (larger loan amount, lower interest), while keeping losses well contained.

STRATEGY: Because of his forward looking analysis of the industry, lead 1st Valley CU to convert to a data processing system which exemplifies this collaborative nature. The back office function is facilitated by another credit union, located approximately 1,000 miles from our office. Through this technology, 1st Valley CU achieved the equivalent workforce of 8,000 personnel. It was the first credit union in the state to move to this data processor (CU*NorthWest) and many other cu’s have since followed.

He is also available for short-term projects and interim positions (6 months and under) as CEO and CFO, as needed, to assist credit unions with staffing issues. Both of Gregg’s prior credit unions were “fixer uppers”, so he is familiar with chaos and addressing conflicting demands with limited resources.

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