Scott Butterfield

Scott ButterfieldScott Butterfield

Scott Butterfield’s passion for the credit union movement is deeply rooted in a belief that the movement’s future success depends largely on maintaining its unique philosophy: “not for profit, not for charity, but for service.” For more than 100 years, this service-first approach has made credit unions a welcome alternative to profit- driven institutions, and Scott believes credit unions have never been more vital than they are today.

Scott is a trusted advisor to the leaders of more than 45 credit unions located throughout the United States, from Alaska to Louisiana. A well-respected veteran of the movement, he understands the challenges of today’s community credit unions – and how to overcome those challenges. Scott hopes to provide you with the affordable support and resources you need to take your credit union to the next level. From program development to policy creation, Scott knows how to get things done! Consider partnering with Scott for help with strategic planning, compliance, programs and policies, or special projects.

More than 25 years of credit union service:

  • Vice President of Operations, Compliance Officer for a $100 million community credit union
  • Vice President of Marketing for a $240 million community credit union
  • Branch Manager for a $140 million community credit union
  • Collections Manager
  • Loan Officer

Trained by the Credit Union National Association:

  • CUNA Compliance School
  • Western CUNA Management School
  • CUNA Marketing School
  • CUNA Lending School
  • CUNA Business Development School

Celebrated achievements:

  • CUDE, CUCE and CCUE credit union designations
  • CDFI grants awards to credit unions totaling $7.6 million
  • NCUA approved CDCI secondary capital plans exceeding $7
  • Co-creator of the American Debt Relief Challenge
  • Record breaking loan and membership growth strategies
  • Successful net worth restoration plans

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