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Federation Launches “The Bridge”, an E-Magazine linking Credit Unions to Community Development

(November 28, 2012 – New York, NY)

The Federation is pleased to introduce the nation’s credit union community to its newest e-magazine, The Bridge. Distributed as a quarterly publication, The Bridge will share specialized information, proven strategies and sustainable approaches for credit unions providing services to low and moderate income consumers. The Bridge will provide relevant content to credit unions interested in the growth opportunities emerging markets provide for our industry. “The Federation has long been committed to serving as a bridge between its community development and asset-building partners and the entire credit union industry,” reported Federation President/CEO Cathie Mahon. “Our new magazine, The Bridge, will continue to make good on that commitment, serving as one more avenue to help the Federation and our partners accomplish our mission.”

The Bridge will feature best practices from credit unions of all sizes that have successfully implemented innovative and sustainable programs to more effectively meet the needs of low and moderate income consumers as well as underserved communities.

Mahon continued, “With The Bridge, we plan to formalize the role of connecting and sharing information, strategies and approaches to bring safe and responsible financial products and services to low- and moderate-income Americans.”

Each issue of the magazine will have a defined theme, with the premier issue focusing on ways to learn and share globally as part of the International Year of Cooperatives. Christine Moore, CEO of Manchester Credit Union in the United Kingdom is a featured author, explaining the secrets she has found to growing a healthy credit union while staying true to the mission of serving the underserved. She also discusses the similarities between the community development credit union movement in the UK and the US.

The magazine’s cover story takes readers behind the scenes at Southern Chautauqua Federal Credit Union to learn the ingredients that went into making CEO John Felton’s shop one of the fastest growing credit unions in America. An article by Federation Membership Director, Pablo DeFilippi, focuses on the importance of low-income designation and the Community Development Financial Institution designation for growth. This is especially important information for the 1,000 newly designated credit unions eligible for the NCUA fast track program.

Other articles discuss the importance of emphasizing a credit union’s cooperative roots and how the evolving nature of the balance sheet can influence a credit union’s performance.

Content for the future editions of The Bridge will be provided by experts from within the credit union and cooperative movement, along with colleagues from the asset building and community finance worlds. Articles will focus on growth, products, and innovations among leading low-income designed and CDFI certified credit unions.

The inaugural issue of The Bridge can be found here.

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