Inclusiv and NLCUP Announce the Establishment of Juntos Avanzamos Regional Chapters

Inclusiv and NLCUP Announce the Establishment of Juntos Avanzamos Regional Chapters

On November 10, Inclusiv Network, in collaboration with the National Association of Latino Credit Union and Professionals (NLCUP) and the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues, proudly announced the creation of the very first Juntos Avanzamos/NLCUP Regional Chapter in the State of California. This monumental announcement took place during the Juntos Avanzamos Roundtable at the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues' 2022 Reach Conference.

Pablo DeFilippi

Pablo DeFilippi, Executive Vice President of Inclusiv, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "We are thrilled to introduce this innovative initiative tailored for credit union professionals who are dedicated to promoting financial inclusion and wish to work together to eliminate barriers and effect real change for the millions of unbanked or underbanked individuals. This marks the first of several Juntos Avanzamos-NLCUP Regional Chapters we will unveil in the coming months. We extend our gratitude to NLCUP and the Leagues for their unwavering support, and we eagerly anticipate closer collaboration on this and future initiatives."

Juntos Avanzamos/NLCUP Regional Chapters are a joint effort by the Inclusiv/Juntos Avanzamos Program and the National Latino Association of Credit Unions and Professionals (NLCUP) to address the growing need for local networks or platforms where credit union professionals can collaborate, exchange knowledge, and collectively develop solutions to both local and national challenges related to the financial inclusion of Hispanic/Latino communities.

“Empowered by these Juntos Avanzamos-NLCUP Regional Chapters, the Leagues look forward to what Juntos Avanzamos credit unions can continue accomplishing in Hispanic and Latino immigrant communities across California and Nevada,” said Larry Palochik, executive vice president of the Leagues. “We will continue developing more connections between Juntos Avanzamos credit unions and others that are exploring this unique avenue of service and philosophy within their local Hispanic and Latino communities and neighborhoods.”

The second chapter was recently inaugurated in the Northwestern United States during the annual Northwest Juntos Avanzamos Roundtable, a collaborative effort involving NLCUP and the GoWest Credit Union Association.

Steven Stapp, President and CEO of Unitus Community Credit Union and Vice President - Market Executive, noted, "With seven Juntos Avanzamos designated credit unions in the Pacific Northwest, establishing a Northwest Regional Chapter seemed like the logical next step to foster collaboration, share insights, and nurture synergies."

Inclusiv is committed to ongoing engagement with credit unions, leagues, and associations across the nation. As the Juntos Avanzamos network continues its expansion, and as new champions of financial inclusion emerge in every region, we will establish additional chapters to amplify their impact.

Barbara Mojica, Executive Director for NLCUP, expressed her excitement about the project, stating, "I am truly thrilled to witness the realization of this initiative and the positive impact it will have. For some of us in the Latinx community, this may be the only safe space within the credit union movement. I eagerly anticipate the growth and flourishing of individuals empowered by what NLCUP and Juntos Avanzamos are jointly creating."

Inclusiv and NLCUP's collaborative efforts in establishing Juntos Avanzamos Regional Chapters mark a significant stride towards promoting financial inclusion and fostering collaboration within the credit union community. These chapters, beginning in California and the Northwestern United States, provide dedicated professionals with platforms to enact real change for underserved populations. As this initiative gains momentum, it promises to create safe spaces for Hispanic practitioners and drive positive impact across the nation's credit unions.

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