Inclusiv Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

This month, Inclusiv celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month by focusing on how our credit union members and network partners strive to provide affordable, sustainable, and responsible financial products and services to empower Hispanic and immigrant communities.

Community Development Credit Unions (CDCUs) are at the forefront of community outreach and initiatives, leveraging their collective power for the benefit of the communities they serve. In the United States, the Hispanic population is at 62 million and growing - this is the time to double down on our efforts to build a more diverse movement that more closely mirrors the nation’s demographic trends. Many credit unions already operate in majority-minority counties, and over the next few years, many more will find themselves in the same situation. Let’s turn this challenge into an opportunity as our future and relevance will be determined by how well we meet the needs of the Hispanic community.

Inclusiv is proud to be leading our industry’s efforts to promote financial inclusion in the Hispanic community:

  • Inclusiv has a growing presence in Puerto Rico, where we have over 92 members that collectively serve more than one million consumers. They are playing a critical role in the rebuilding of their local economies, helping communities become more resilient and sustainable, and mitigating the impact of climate change by facilitating the transition from fossil fuels to solar energy.
  • The Juntos Avanzamos network is going stronger than ever, with 128 participant credit unions serving 9.6 million consumers in 28 states, DC, and Puerto Rico. The Juntos Avanzamos financial inclusion framework provides a roadmap for credit unions interested in meeting the needs of the Hispanic and immigrant communities. Juntos Avanzamos has become a standard for credit unions and is supported by a growing number of industry partners.
  • Through its Racial Equity Grant Fund, Inclusiv has raised and deployed $1.5M in capacity building grants to Minority Designated Credit Unions and cooperativas.
  • We continue to support and promote the development of Latino leadership within the industry by working more closely than ever with the National Association of Latino Credit Unions and Professionals (NLCUP).
  • We have established partnerships with Experian and Pivot Lending, to provide tools and resources for credit unions to expand financial inclusion to all communities.
  • Inclusiv recently celebrated its Annual Conference in Puerto Rico, the first ever Conference simultaneously translated into English and Spanish.
  • Below you will find an overview of the activities that we will promote to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. We look forward to seeing you and celebrating together!


HHM Opening Webinar – Expanding Access To Hispanic Homeownership

Inclusiv, Onpath Credit UnionUnidos US, and Pivot Lending Group invite you to join us for our 2022 Hispanic Heritage Month Opening Webinar, Expanding Access to Hispanic and Immigrant Homeownership. This webinar is free and open to all credit unions.

Homeownership is an integral part of the American Dream. Owning a home has positive effects on every aspect of collective lives and helps strengthen our communities and the nation's economy. Yet, buying and financing a home has become a daunting process for many, especially for low and moderate-income people. The challenges are even more evident for members of the Hispanic and immigrant communities.



Hispanic Heritage Month Juntos Avanzamos Magazine

At Inclusiv, we celebrate the stories of credit unions going above and beyond to serve their communities and expand financial inclusion. In the next couple of weeks, we will share our Hispanic Heritage Month Juntos Avanzamos Magazine. This year's magazine will be the first one to be published in Spanish and English. This issue will feature CEO profiles, success stories, partnerships, and other articles that reflect the work of the Juntos Avanzamos network and our partners. Stay tuned!



HHM Closing Webinar: Leveraging Data and Analytics to Expand Financial Inclusion



National Credit Union's Foundation DE Workshop

Inclusiv is proud to partner with the National Credit Union Foundation to host DE Workshop – a transformative learning event capturing the spirit of their Development Education (DE) program.

For 40 years, DE has equipped credit union leaders with the knowledge, understanding, resources and network to tackle many of the issues preventing financial well-being. To mark that milestone, all credit union and system partner employees are invited to this event.

Click here to watch a message from Inclusiv's President & CEO, Cathie Mahon, regarding the DE Program.

Agenda highlights include:

  • A guided excursion to the U.S./Mexico border – hear compelling stories of emigration from Central and South America. · An experiential visit to Annunciation House – an El Paso based non-profit supporting economically vulnerable people of the border region.
  • Inclusiv’s EVP, Pablo DiFilippi, exploring how you can serve and empower Hispanic and immigrant consumers – and grow your credit union.
  • Market analysis, growth opportunities and strategies to effectively connect and communicate with immigrant communities led by Coopera Consulting.
  • Fun networking events that celebrate El Paso, its food and culture.
  • Registration is $649, inclusive of all activities and most meals. Hotel block information is available online. Space is limited. Register here.

Upcoming Juntos Avanzamos Proclamation Ceremonies

Juntos Avanzamos proclamation ceremonies are a celebration of diversity and inclusion and are a vital part of the designation process. They bring community members, credit union staff, government officials, and other stakeholders together to mark a new chapter in the credit union’s history, opening the doors of financial opportunity to the Hispanic community.

Join us in congratulating and welcoming the following credit unions who will hold their proclamation ceremonies this month, commemorating Hispanic Heritage Month and affirming their commitment to serving Hispanic and immigrant communities.

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