Inclusiv Celebrates the Release of GGRF Competitions with VP Harris and Climate Leaders

Inclusiv Celebrates the Release of Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund Competitions with Vice President Harris and Climate Leaders


Baltimore, MD (July 14, 2023) Inclusiv is honored to attend Vice President Harris’ announcement of the Environmental Protection Agency’s release of two Notices of Funding Opportunity under the $27 billion Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund. We are proud to represent our more than 470 member Community Development Credit Unions in Baltimore and join Vice President Harris, EPA Administrator Michael Regan and other climate leaders in celebrating the critical role the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) will play in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, advancing equitable climate finance, and improving both public health and financial well-being in communities that are disproportionately burdened by pollution and high energy bills.

“This groundbreaking program will ensure low-income communities, communities of color and climate-vulnerable communities benefit from clean energy and energy efficiency investments while building the capacity of community-based financial institutions to meet local climate finance needs.” - Cathie Mahon, President/CEO of Inclusiv

The Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (the Fund) is a key IRA program that will provide $27 billion in funding for clean energy projects and energy efficiency upgrades with a focus on low-income and disadvantaged communities. It will catalyze more than $200 billion in investments in clean energy and energy efficiency projects while also creating good jobs, improving public health outcomes, and addressing pervasive disparities in energy cost burdens in low-income communities and communities of color. The Fund’s dual focus on climate and equity will ensure the benefits of the program reach all Americans, especially those who have historically been excluded from our greening economy. Community Development Credit Unions are a natural partner in this effort because they often serve the most climate-vulnerable communities and communities that have been shut out of the mainstream financial system.

“Inclusiv’s Center for Resiliency and Clean Energy has trained more than 400 community-based lenders, and are prepared to bring the benefits of the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund to the communities they serve.” – Neda Arabshahi, Vice President, Inclusiv Center for Resiliency and Clean Energy

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Neda Arabshahi
Vice President, Inclusiv Center for Resiliency and Clean Energy
(929) 445-2251

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