Inclusiv Conference 50: A Look Back

Thanks to You Our Movement is Making Strides Like Never Before

Over 850 attendees descended on NYC to kick-start a dynamic new chapter of financial inclusion!

"We are not only celebrating history today. We are making history. This is the largest gathering that Inclusiv has ever had."

– Cathie Mahon, President/CEO, Inclusiv

To all attendees of Inclusiv Conference 50: Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. What a privilege it has been to bring together such a brilliant and diverse coalition of changemakers united by a shared mission of financial inclusion for all. Joining us from all corners of the U.S. and Puerto Rico and around the world, from many walks of life and areas of expertise, friends and colleagues old and new came together in New York City not only to celebrate 50 years – but to maximize our impact for the next 50. A special thank you to our conference sponsors and exhibitors who helped make this incredible event possible!

Here's how it all went down:

We spoke truth to power and were heard loud and clear.

  • Spoke on how racial equity is and has always been core to our movement and we're not afraid to talk about it or take action in the face of opposition. In fact, it's what we do.
  • Provided Spanish translation services ensuring that Inclusiv Conference 50 was our most language inclusive gathering yet, with over 100 representatives of member cooperatives from Puerto Rico and the Latin American credit union movement
  • Were joined by a record number of attendees from NCUA, COSSEC, the CDFI Fund, Treasury Department, the Environmental Protection Agency, and other government agencies – our movement’s voice is growing.
  • Offered a conference-long CDFI track, with remarks from the new CDFI Fund Director, sessions and office hours led by CDFI Fund staff who provided hands-on assistance to credit unions seeking guidance.

We celebrated our history while mobilizing for the future.

  • Recognized and honored heroes of the CDCU movement at the first ever Inclusiv 50th Anniversary & Annie Vamper Helping Hands Awards Gala. Congratulations to Amy Nelson, from Point West CU; Melissa Marquez from Genessee Coop FCU and Kathya Pierre from 1199 SEIU FCU.
  • Educated the network on the Civil Rights movement origins of our movement with inspirational cooperative finance legends like Cliff Rosenthal, Maurice Smith, and Doctor Jessica Gordon-Nembhard.
  • Advanced our role as climate finance pioneers and innovators, helping credit unions create and grow green lending programs.
  • Exchanged knowledge, resources and insights from all corners of the movement: historical, social, technical, academic, advocacy, and more!
  • Solidified new partnerships and initiatives, furthering our impact for the communities we serve.

We had a lot of fun.

  • Lit up Times Square.
  • Set social media ablaze with our very own highlights and insights, while creating new lifelong connections. #Inclusiv50
  • Visited three local member credit unions and saw and learned about an authentic side of New York City few non-locals get to experience.
  • Hosted a reception at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.
  • Cruised the Hudson on a boat and enjoyed amazing views of the New York City skyline.


...and the food got rave reviews.

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