Financial Empowerment

At Inclusiv, we believe financial coaching is an effective tool to improve individuals’ and families’ financial well-being and a core part of how credit unions increase financial empowerment. Inclusiv offers rigorous trainings, strong peer networks, and innovative tools credit unions need to deliver high-impact financial coaching to their members and bolster financial empowerment efforts in their local communities.

Learn more about the impact of financial coaching and how you can get started building and implementing a financial coaching program at your credit union in our new white paper, Focus on Financial Health: Key steps to Building a Successful Financial Coaching Program.

Pathways to Financial Empowerment

Pathways to Financial Empowerment is a financial counseling model supported by first-of-its-kind technology to track impact.

Pathways supports credit unions to:

  • Deliver consistent, best-practice financial counseling and coaching to low-income and underserved people
  • Achieve and measure impact on members and the credit union on central platform
  • Analyze and better understand financial wellness and engagement of members

The Pathways to Financial Empowerment program was jointly launched by Inclusiv and Neighborhood Trust Financial Partners in 2015 and has achieved incredibly strong impact results to date.  Read about the financial empowerment impact our members are making through Pathways and other activities in our 2022 report!

Learn more about Pathways:

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Financial Empowerment Learning Center

Inclusiv is launching the Financial Empowerment Learning Center to assist credit unions to develop and sustainably operate high-impact financial coaching programs.   

Inclusiv will offer two training courses to meet the needs of credit unions at different stages of developing, operating and/or strengthening their financial coaching programs. These cohort-based training courses will provide credit unions with the knowledge, skills, and tools to develop, implement and operate their credit union’s financial coaching programs. 

  1. Introduction to Financial Empowerment: Designed as an entry point to the Center, this course will provide credit union leaders and staff with an overview of foundational financial empowerment concepts and program design considerations, including how financial empowerment programming can be integrated with financial service delivery.  
  2. Financial Coaching Program Development & Management: In this course, participants will learn best practices for developing and operating a high-impact credit union financial coaching program.  The course will lead and support participants to create a plan to either launch a new financial coaching program or grow an existing program at their credit union. 

Applications for the upcoming Financial Coaching Program Development & Management will be announced later this year.

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