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Inclusiv Financial Inclusion Technology Center



Mission: Effective, affordable, sustainable & safe technology enabling credit unions to expand financial inclusion.

The Inclusiv Financial Inclusion Technology Center (FIT Center) provides Inclusiv member credit unions with actionable information about, and access to, affordable technology solutions that can meaningfully, measurably, and sustainably expand access to safe and affordable financial services in low-income communities and communities of color.

FIT Center Strategic Focus Areas

The FIT Center focuses on technology solutions in the 5 key areas listed below that Inclusiv has identified are at the intersection of financial inclusion opportunity and our member credit unions’ technology priorities.  The FIT Center philosophy is to seek out cutting edge core platform-agnostic solutions that resolve credit union technology obstacles and help their members achieve financial goals.


Inclusiv FIT Council: A consortium of technology leaders from Inclusiv’s member credit unions, the Inclusiv FIT Council (formerly known as the Inclusiv Innovation Council) works to identify, evaluate, and promote innovative products and services that enable Community Development Credit Unions (CDCUs) to increase financial inclusion in underserved communities.

Quarterly FIT Council meetings foster a collaborative environment to analyze emerging tech trends.  Additionally, FIT Council members also help evaluate new products and services throughout the year.

Fintech Partnerships: Inclusiv seeks to partner with mission-aligned technology and data providers to fulfill our mission of helping low-to-moderate income communities achieve financial independence through credit unions.

Our partnerships with technology and data providers seek to make proven innovative technological solutions accessible and affordable to CDCUs.  Inclusiv partners can tap into the collective experience and expertise of the Inclusiv team and our network of 500 CDCUs.

If you are interested in partnering with Inclusiv, please reach out to us.

Research Partnerships: Inclusiv tests the impact of emerging innovative technological solutions in partnership with mission-aligned technology and researchers.  These pilot projects, such as our Building Emergency Savings initiative in with Common Cents Lab at Duke University and VisiFI, aim to demonstrate how the practical application of emerging technology can increase financial inclusion and improve the financial health of low-and-moderate income individuals.


Financial Inclusion Technology Center Sponsorship

Sponsorship allows organizations to support the mission and work of Inclusiv’s Financial Inclusion Technology Center and receive public acknowledgement of their support.

For more information, please reach out to


For more information about Inclusiv’s technology, innovation and data analytics initiatives please email the FIT Center.

Organizations with products and services they believe meet the needs of Inclusiv’s members and the low-income communities and communities of color we serve are encouraged to contact us.

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