Financial Capability

Member education is a fundamental value that sets credit unions apart from other financial institutions. Through education and one-on-one counseling, credit unions direct members to products and services that build and grow their assets, reduce their debt and provide pathways for achieving their goals, while mitigating risk to the institution.

Yet, the simple delivery of information is often not enough to help consumers make the right choices and maximize their financial potential. Financial capability shifts emphasis from consumer knowledge of financial information to the actions the consumer takes with increased knowledge that improve their financial well-being. Inclusiv helps credit unions develop the right strategies to build the financial capability of members.

Pathways logoPathways to Financial Empowerment: The Inclusiv (Inclusiv) and Neighborhood Trust Financial Partners (NTFP) have joined forces to launch this new initiative to advance the delivery of financial counseling in credit unions.

Financial Capability Partnership Initiative: This Initiative fosters effective credit union and nonprofit service organization partnerships that facilitate access to safe and affordable credit union products for diverse social and human service clients enabling greater financial stability and independence.

BALANCETM: Inclusiv’s partnership with BALANCETM enables our member CDCUs to access this over-the-phone and internet financial counseling tool for their members, at highly discounted rates.

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