Cathie Mahon Chats with Tim Chen, NerdWallet CEO

Cathie Mahon, Inclusiv CEO Chats with
Tim Chen, NerdWallet CEO

Inclusiv has announced its partnership with NerdWallet, the online financial guidance resource for personal finance decisions, based in San Francisco, CA, on several initiatives to advance financial access in underserved communities. This multi-dimension partnership includes grant support to establish the Bay Area Economic Impact Fund to deliver economic relief for low-income consumers and COVID-19 response services for small businesses; a $2 million dollar deposit in Self-Help FCU and a call for other tech companies to join NerdWallet in taking similar action through Inclusiv’s Social Impact Deposit Platform; and NerdWallet employee support to harness NerdWallet’s expertise in technology and media in support of Inclusiv member credit unions.

Click here for NerdWallet's Financial Equality Project microsite.

In the video below, Cathie Mahon and Tim Chen discuss how we can advance financial access in underrepresented communities.



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