Investment Selection Processs

Credit Union applications for non-member and nominee deposits, which are insured investments, are accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis. Applications for risk-sharing deposits and secondary capital are accepted on a continuous basis but are considered for approval only at the triannual meetings of the Community Development Investments Committee.

Upon receipt of an investment application, Inclusiv staff review the applicant credit union’s history and mission, analyze its historical financial performance, and assess its business plan and financial projections. Inclusiv staff then submit their analysis of the application to the Committee for approval, modification, deferral, or rejection.

The Community Development Investments Committee is an “arm’s length” group, consisting of experts in credit union management and community development finance; no voting member of the Committee may come from the board or staff of Inclusiv or Inclusiv member credit unions. The committee meets three times a year, in the spring, summer, and fall, to review applications from credit unions, monitor the investment portfolio, review program policies, and assess overall performance.

The Inclusiv/Mortgage accepts applications from member credit unions interested in selling qualifying mortgages on an ongoing basis. Staff assess a credit union’s prior mortgage lending performance and then work with the credit union to identify qualifying mortgage loans.

Inclusiv/Mortgage performs analysis of the mortgage loans being considered for purchase and determines pricing based on the origination note rate, the current market rate and perceived risk of the mortgage loan pool.

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