Social Impact Deposits

Social Impact Deposits

Inclusiv is the national CDFI intermediary for, and non-profit network, of Community Development Credit Unions (CDCUs) with a mission to help low/moderate-income people and communities achieve financial independence through credit unions.

Inclusiv connects capital from mission-aligned partners like banks, foundations, socially-responsible trusts, religious institutions, and healthcare corporations, to scale and effectively integrate social impact into their portfolios and advance equity in underinvested communities.

Since 1982 Inclusiv/Capital has invested more than $330 million in member CDCUs to support their growth and ability to serve their communities.

How does it work?

Inclusiv has partnered with Primary Financial Co. LLC to launch the Social Impact Deposits Platform.  This platform has benefits for CDCUs and institutional investors.  CDCUs are provided liquidity resources to support their community impact, while enabling institutional investors to seamlessly purchase and create a portfolio federally-insured certificates of deposits (CDs) aligned across different impact initiatives.

Social Impact Deposits - For Credit Unions

What is a Social Impact CD?

Social Impact CDs are non-member deposits for CDCUs funded by the Inclusiv network of socially-responsible and mission-aligned partners.  Social Impact CDs provide affordable and sustainable sources of liquidity to support financial inclusion and equitable community development impact initiatives.

Primary Financial acts as custodian on the account and facilitates wire transfers, interest distribution to the investors, regular reporting, audit requests, and more.


  • The ability to aggregate investors into a single deposit: one wire, one certificate, one interest payment—regardless of the number of investors—thus easing the burden on credit union staff.
  • The option to settle everything through automated debiting at your corporate credit union.
  • The safety of working with a credit union-owned entity.
  • Access to investors at over 3,000 institutions nationwide.
  • No fees - ever.

Getting Started

Click the buttons below to access each form.

Send a signed copy of the one-page agreement to accept custodial deposits.

Send wire transfer instructions, and the optional Automated Settlement Authorization.

Email with the rate, term, amount, and settlement date to issue CDs.

Questions?  Please reach out to Inclusiv/Capital for more information.

Social Impact Deposits - For Investors

The Inclusiv Social Impact Deposits Platform enables institutional investors to seamlessly purchase and create a portfolio of federally-insured certificates of deposit (CD) aligned across different impact initiatives.  Inclusiv has partnered with Primary Financial to offer Social Impact Deposits through SimpliCD, a turnkey certificate of deposit program.

The Inclusiv Social Impact Deposits Platform offers:

  • Flexibility with terms ranging from 3 months to 5+ years, and with amounts ranging from $99,000 to $20+ million.
  • Impact-aligned investments into a national network of CDCUs.
  • Federally-insured, no single financial institution exceeds the standard maximum deposit insurance amount.
  • DTC and jumbo deposit offerings are also available.
  • Simplified operations and streamlined portfolio administration with daily reporting, consolidated monthly account statements, and automated payments.
  • Credit union owned.

How does it work?

The Inclusiv Social Impact Deposits Platform offers options in custodial and DTC eligible CDs with no safekeeping fees in terms ranging from 3 months to 5 years or longer.  Payments and administration of CDs are automated.  An investor selects the CDs that align with their terms and strategic impact parameters and purchases those CDs directly on the platform.  The Platform can split large investments across multiple institutions to keep funds 100% FDIC-insured and the CDs and insurance rights remain in the name of the investor.

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