Jared Freeman

Jared Freeman
President/Chief Executive Officer, OnPath Federal Credit Union

Jared Freeman first joined the credit union movement in 2005 with Guardian Credit Union, where he served many roles, ultimately as Chief Operations Officer. From there, he went on to lead ASE Credit Union as President and Chief Executive Officer before making a move to Leaders Credit Union, where he held the role of Chief Experience Officer. In August 2020, Freeman was named President/CEO of OnPath Federal Credit Union.

Joining its 60-year history (2020), the University of Mobile graduate led the transformation of the credit union following a rebrand. Faced with a unique level of uncertainty, OnPath (formerly ASI FCU) was challenged to meet membership and lending goals while creating a member experience bound by the regulations of a post-Covid climate and a new name.
Nearly three years later, OnPath is now one of the fastest-growing credit unions in the country with a focus on strategic initiatives geared toward creating valuable and relevant member experiences across multiple platforms. Combining common sense with FinTech, market knowledge with automation, and general compassion with member experience, Freeman sees a bright future ahead as the 10-branch credit union surpassed its goal to reach $600 million in assets by the end of 2022.

Freeman always credits his childhood as the motivating factor for his leadership in the credit union industry. “Coming up, I was oftentimes forced to go without things – not because I acted up as a kid – but because my family couldn’t afford them, and we struggled with finances. For each member who is challenged with making wise financial decisions for their future, I want to be there. I want OnPath to be there”.

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