New Juntos Avanzamos Pacific Northwest Chapter is Officially Constituted!

New Juntos Avanzamos Pacific Northwest Chapter is Officially Constituted!

On December 7, 2023, credit unions in Oregon and Washington State united to form the Juntos Avanzamos/NLCUP Pacific Northwest Chapter. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the National Association of Latino Credit Unions and Professionals (NLCUP), the GoWest Credit Union Association, Unitus Community Credit Union, and all credit union practitioners who participated in the Chapter's constitutive meeting. This collaboration is a significant step in our national initiative to build a strong network of local chapters dedicated to financial inclusion.

We are proud to announce the election of Erica Flores, Branch Manager at Rivermark Community Credit Union, as Chapter President, and Mary Navarrete, Director of Social Impact from Point West Credit Union as Chapter Vice President.  Congratulations!

The Juntos Avanzamos/NLCUP Regional Chapters represent a joint effort to create local platforms for credit union professionals to collaborate, exchange knowledge, and collectively address local and national challenges in financial inclusion, particularly for Hispanic/Latino communities.

The credit unions that played a key role in constituting the Chapter include:

  • Unitus Community Credit Union
  • Central Washington Credit Union
  • Point West Credit Union
  • Peninsula Credit Union
  • Seattle Credit Union
  • Express Credit Union
  • Embold Credit Union
  • River Mark Community Credit Union
  • Wauna Federal Credit Union

Congratulations to all involved in this groundbreaking initiative!

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