Quantum Credit Union in Wichita Celebrates Its Juntos Avanzamos Ceremony

Quantum Credit Union in Wichita Celebrates Its Juntos Avanzamos Ceremony


Juntos Avanzamos Proclamation Ceremonies are vibrant celebrations of diversity and inclusion, integral to the designation process. These events unite community members to mark a new chapter in their credit union's history, symbolizing the opening of doors to financial opportunities for the Hispanic community.

Proclamations are public gatherings where staff, community members, government officials, and stakeholders come together to celebrate their credit union's special designation. This ceremony in Wichita was no exception.

Quantum Credit Union, initially established in 1938 under the name TECU (Telephone Employees Credit Union), catered exclusively to employees and their families at Southwestern Bell Telephone. However, in 1996, it underwent a transformation into a community charter institution, expanding its outreach and extending a warm welcome to residents within its geographical membership area. In 2016, the credit union embraced the name "Quantum Credit Union" to reflect its commitment to embracing the diverse and evolving communities it serves.

Headquartered in Wichita, Kansas, Quantum Credit Union serves over 12,000 members and, in 2023, proudly joined the Juntos network after meeting the requirements for this special designation. It stands as the sole Juntos Avanzamos credit union in the state of Kansas.

Quantum's journey is also marked by a successful merger. In late 2021, Quantum announced its merger with EquiShare Credit Union, an institution with a focus on serving the Hispanic community in Wichita. As part of this merger, Quantum adopted and expanded many of the services offered by EquiShare. The credit union worked diligently to broaden its presence in Wichita's growing Hispanic community, which now accounts for more than 20% of the city's population.

Quantum Credit Union President Chuck Bullock expressed his satisfaction, stating, "We are very pleased with the progress we've made in meeting the needs of this vital community."

The Proclamation Ceremony took place at the Evergreen Community Center and Library in Wichita, a collaborative effort between the Wichita Public Library and the City of Wichita's Office of Community Services. This merger of key city services into one building aimed to enhance services for Wichita's burgeoning Hispanic population. The library's walls are adorned with art reflecting Hispanic culture, and it serves as a hub for significant community events.

Leading the event was Chuck Bullock, CEO of Quantum, with enthusiastic participation from credit union members who expressed their gratitude for the resources and support Quantum provided, enabling them to secure loans when other financial institutions had turned them away. The ceremony continued with heartfelt messages from representatives of the Wichita Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and the United Way of the Plains. During the event, Quantum Credit Union made a generous donation to the Kansas Hispanic Education & Development Foundation, which provides scholarships to Hispanic students.

René Vargas Martínez, Inclusiv Puerto Rico Network Director, delivered remarks about the history of the Juntos program, tracing its origins in Texas under the Cornerstone League. He also presented the Juntos Avanzamos designation and flag to more than 70 community leaders, staff, members, and special guests. The ceremony concluded with a special recognition of Gary Torres, Quantum's VP - Market Executive, and former manager of EquiShare Credit Union.

Following the raising of the Juntos Avanzamos flag, guests enjoyed coffee and breakfast burritos from Esperanza Coffee Roasters, sweet pastries from Juarez Bakery, and refreshing horchata and aguas frescas from Elatino Dogos Y Hamburguesas, all local Latino businesses with close ties to Quantum.

Looking ahead, Quantum is actively exploring an expansion of their ITIN loan program to include business loans, addressing the pressing needs of their Hispanic and immigrant members. True to their motto, Quantum continues to help everyone in their community "Find their yes" or "Encuentra tu sí" in Spanish.

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