Brendan Wilbur

Brendan Wilbur
Community Programs Manager
Alternatives FCU (Ithaca, NY)
Region 1

Brendan Wilbur is the Community Programs Manager at Alternatives Federal Credit Union where he has worked for the past fifteen years. Brendan has a Master’s degree in Community Economic Development from Southern New Hampshire University and he graduated from the University of North Carolina at Asheville with a BS in Natural Resource Management. Brendan runs the Financial Wellness programs at Alternatives, specializing in working with families and individuals on their finances and credit report.

Learning late in life how to manage money, he is inspired to help others learn money management skills and to help get the shame and guilt out of our money. Brendan’s inclusive and non-judgmental approach to credit and financial counseling is a large reason why the program is so successful. He takes the shame out of talking about finances, and helps people leave feeling educated and empowered. No matter what their income level, Brendan makes each individual feel welcomed and safe so that true change can take place. Brendan believes in Credit Unions and understands how important the work we do is to the success of our members and our communities.

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