2013 Annie Vamper “Helping Hands” Awards

Harriet B. May

Harriet B. May, former President/CEO, GECU and recipient of 2013 Annie Vamper Award

In 1990, the CDCU movement lost one of its heroes with the passing of Inclusiv’s Associate Director, Annie Wilma Vamper, whose life-long dedication to the credit union movement, and to small credit unions in particular, served as inspiration to many low- and moderate-income people and communities. Until her death, Vamper gave every ounce of her strength, commitment, and love to the CDCU movement, and in 1993, the “Helping Hands” Award was created to honor her memory, along with the dedication of Inclusiv’s training center at our New York City headquarters.

The highest honor presented by Inclusiv, the Annie Vamper “Helping Hands” Awards celebrate individuals whose unselfish work for the movement carry-on Annie’s legacy, and whose contribution to their credit union has gone above and beyond the call of duty and exemplify the CDCU values.

We are pleased to announce that the 2013 recipient of the Annie Vamper “Helping Hands” Award is Harriet B. May.

For more information about the Annie Vamper awards and to learn about the winners, click here.

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