Affordable Housing Initiative Workshop Fosters Collaboration and Insights

Affordable Housing Initiative Workshop Fosters Collaboration and Insights

The Affordable Housing Initiative (AHI) project recently concluded a dynamic workshop, uniting key stakeholders in the housing sector to explore creative solutions for affordable and inclusive housing.
Organized by the Cooperative Development Foundation (CDF), the workshop brought together representatives from shared equity housing initiatives, affordable housing advocates, policy experts, and government officials at the National Community Bank's (NCB) headquarters.

Generously sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the workshop featured a day-long series of discussions, small-group breakouts, and interactive sessions. Participants delved into the nuances of shared equity housing models, exchanging insights and experiences in a mutually beneficial learning and networking experience.

Ahmed Campbell, Director of Lending Development at Inclusiv, a national organization dedicated to promoting financial inclusion, shared his perspective on the workshop, stating, "The AHI workshop was a valuable learning and networking experience, showcasing the diversity of approaches to affordable housing. Through these collaborative efforts, we can glean insights that will contribute to more inclusive and sustainable housing solutions."

Participants actively contributed to the collective knowledge base, fostering a supportive network for shared equity housing initiatives. The workshop resulted in the development of thoughtful criteria and insights necessary for successfully scaling shared equity models. Attendees gained valuable insights into making a compelling case for shared equity housing, addressing challenges and identifying opportunities for advocacy.

The workshop generated substantive suggestions for the next steps of the AHI Initiative, providing a roadmap for future actions. The interactive nature facilitated the establishment of new and deeper relationships among participants within the shared equity housing sector. The success of the gathering underscores the commitment of stakeholders to collaboratively address the affordable housing crisis. The insights gained will contribute significantly to advancing the goals of the AHI project and promoting shared equity housing as a sustainable solution. For more information on the Affordable Housing Initiative and upcoming events, please visit

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